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Text Box: Ok, so it's not a fan club in the traditional sense…

 In the Bucks Fizz days, the fan club had more than 15,000 members with newsletters and fan club merchandise sent out by hand. In this age of technology, no-one wants to wait for a news letter, it has to be instant!  So,  Facebook is our preferred option. 

Official  Fan  Club





We love hearing from you and in this modern age of technology, you can do it much more quickly than just writing us a letter. 


We are on twitter. You can see what we’re saying in the panel to the right, click the button at the top to follow us. We’ll do our best to follow you back!

And just so you know, we all take turns as duty twitterer...er...er! As we all have our own personal accounts as well, we never say which one of us is tweeting as the band, you just have to guess.

Then there’s our Facebook pages, One is our band “Profile” page. The other is our fan club, where you can all talk to each other and make new friends. We regularly check in and post there too.


The details of both can be found below.



Text Box: Or you can be more direct. If you have a booking enquiry or just want to say hello, you can use the form to the right to send us an email. 
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